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Video Playlists

Guided Meditation

Find a quiet place to relax and listen to a guided meditation created just for you! Follow the video on the right for all of my guided meditation videos!

Sound Healing

Curious what you may here at a sound healing? Here is a sneak peak!

Follow the link on the left for all of my Sound Healing Samples!


Acoustic Covers

Music perfomed by Melissa Scharlach and Paul Lucia.

Follow the link on the right for all of our recorded Acoustic Covers 🙂



What’s Being Said. . . 

“I am so proud of the group for everything that came through for them. Each of them had experiences and breakthroughs. . It was so perfect. . Definitely had given us things to work on and build on as setting up success for the wedding and Sam’s new chapter. She made a HUGE breakthrough.”

“Hey Lady! Thank you so much for my [reiki] session last week. It was truly transformational and I’ve felt lighter and more grounded since. You have a gift and I’m so excited to see you grow in this space to reach and bless even more lives.”

“I just want to tell you that the transcendental yin was outstanding today. The class was well planned and very successful. The healing I named in the beginning and the other things were all accomplished. You are very special. I look forward to the next one. Thanks so much”

“Wow Wow Wow. I am so grateful for you inviting me to the class [sound healing] today. Lots of emotions from my parents passing and the pain I have been dealing with for a year were released. Thank you for letting me come I will be there at every class”