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Hi! I’m Melissa, and this is my website highlighting how I hope to work with you in your self care journey. What started as a passion for understanding how I could help my friends and family with massage training in 2004, turned into a lifestyle of offering support and facilitating opportunities for connection to self in every aspect of my work and study. I’m passionate about what I do and am always learning. I feel we all are teachers for each other, and I would love to assist you however I can. I love providing group ceremonies or private sessions. I care deeply about creating a safe container for processing and moving through places where we are stuck, both physically and emotionally, and helping us connect to ourselves and others. I’m hoping here I can highlight some of my best offerings, but I’m always open to hearing your ideas and making them work too. Let’s collaborate on yoga, meditation, reiki, music, and more! Learn more about my journey on the “About Me” page =)

Private and Group Yoga
Reiki and Breath Work
Bodywork and Assisted Stretching
Sound Bath and Guided Meditation

how do you show up for yourself?

Self Care Habits

Self Care is an essential part of health. If we have a headache, we usually have no problem talking about it and finding a solution or resting. How about if we have heartache?  Anxiousness? The Blues?

These are aspects of our health that are normal and connected to our physical body, the way we think, how we live, and how we eat. Do you notice how you are breathing when you feel stressed? Do you notice how your emotions can cause physical pain? (pain = Pay Attention Inside NOW)? Do you notice how your water intake affects your mood?

You are not alone in your self-healing journey. There is tools and support for you. Spaces and times built to connect with you, and recalibrate. Reach out to me and I can talk to you about options, or check out this website. There is no judgement here. We all feel similar things at different times in our life, you are NOT alone!

Need a Soul Tune Up? Lets spend a month together. We will identify goals, challenge points, and rituals and habits to help facilitate positive change. Accountability check-ins, journal prompts, and other services can be included in this tool set. Lets Connect :)



  • Private Yoga 1:1 —  SALE 4 Sessions for $200
  • Group Yoga — Starting at  $100
  • Group Sound Bath Ceremony  — Price Varies 
  • Reiki  — Sliding Scale $50 – $150
  • Integrative Body Work  — $100/hour
  •  Live Acoustic Music  — Price Varies
  • Yoga Retreats  — Price Varies


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What is Being Said. . 

“Hey Lady! Thank you so much for my [reiki] session last week. It was truly transformational and I’ve felt lighter and more grounded since. You have a gift and I’m so excited to see you grow in this space to reach and bless even more lives.”

“I am so proud of the group for everything that came through for them. Each of them had experiences and breakthroughs. . It was so perfect. . Definitely had given us things to work on and build on as setting up success for the wedding and Sam’s new chapter. She made a HUGE breakthrough.”

“Wow Wow Wow. I am so grateful for you inviting me to the class [sound healing] today. Lots of emotions from my parents passing and the pain I have been dealing with for a year were released. Thank you for letting me come I will be there at every class”

“I just want to tell you that the transcendental yin was outstanding today. The class was well planned and very successful. The healing I named in the beginning and the other things were all accomplished. You are very special. I look forward to the next one. Thanks so much”

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