Annual Christmas Fundraiser 2023

One year, around the holidays, my world fell apart. It was from the donations and kindness of those around me, that I was able to not only house myself and my daughter, but have books for her to read, toys for her to play with, clothes for us to wear, and food for us to eat.

I have never forgot this kindness, and vowed to myself that I would help others when I got back on me feet. Since 2020, I have held fundraisers every year for families in need. Charities I have worked with include Acres of Hope, Stand Up Placer, and WEAVE. 

At Christmas, however, I want to make it personal. I find a family that I can donate to anonymously (they do not know where the donations come from, it is truly a christmas surprise) through those who work directly with those in need. 

This year, I have adopted a local family with a situation near and dear to my heart. I would sincerely appreciate your help in making Christmas special for them.

 We will be collecting donations at East Wind Yoga Studios this year, with addresses to follow. We will end the fundraiser with a concert at Moksa Brewery, in Rocklin, with live music from Mojo Myth on December 22nd at 7:00pm.


1. Spread the word to any local businesses or friends that want to help.

2. Drop off an item at our donation drop off location.

3. Make a donation on Venmo, Melissa-Yoga, and state in the message field “Christmas Fundraiser”

4. Come to our concert and slide a dollar in the tip jar – it will go to the families! 

We have the lists of ideas below, ANYTHING helps!


The Details

Donation Drop Off Locations

East Wind Yoga Auburn, 922 Lincoln Way Auburn, CA

East Wind Yoga Roseville, 210 Riverside Ave. Roseville, CA 

Moksa Brewery Concert Location

5860 Pacific St, Rocklin, CA 95677


Electronic Donations

Venmo Melissa Scharlach at  Music-Yoga and be sure to include “Christmas Fundraiser” in the message portion 

Family we are fundraising for

Found by a nurse in the prenatal field, This momma is a single mom with a 4-year-old daughter and a newborn son. The father of the children lives out of state and has a history of abuse. This mama is helping her mom, who is awaiting a kidney transplant, as well as taking care of her own children, and going to school for a degree in Social Work. She has no idea that these surprise gifts are coming!

Donations Requested

Ideas we have for this family include:

Manicure/Pedicure surprise for Momma, a chance to treat herself

Nice Robe/Slippers for Grandma who is in and out of the hospital

Gas Cards for momma

Grocery Gift Cards for family 

Backpack with books for the 4yr old daughter 

Educational toys for the baby boy 

Journal for Mama, or Encouraging messages for a single mom going back to school

By request, PLEASE enter in the google docs spreadsheet if you have gotten a particular item to avoid duplicates.  

ANYTHING you can think of 🙂


Fundraiser Timeframe

Runs NOW until our fundraiser concert on Dec 22nd, 2023 at Moksa Brewery. 

Fundraiser Concert Commences








Thank you for Helping us with this Fundraiser!

This is my 4th fundraiser event, and our third fundraiser event as a band! We couldn’t do it without you, and appreciate the trust you have in us and our network in making a families christmas extra special <3

Fundraiser Contact info

Contact Me

(916) 217-1759

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